"You say this property is mine. But you must watch out from behind.
There’s always someone with a knife. Could be your friend could be your wife."

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Jobs where they don't know our names (1) (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark (2012-02-27)
Jobs where they don't know our names (Korea, Japan)
Vi ska bara leva klart
Hur mycket jag än tar finns alltid lite kvar

Jobs where they don't know our names (US, Canada, UK)

The fish are swimming slower every year
Ingen vill veta var du köpt din tröja
Min pappa
Redan idag
Storstadskvinnor faller ner och dör
Kärlek 1

Swedish grammy
Songwriter of the year/song of the year
Nordic Music Award

Pressrelease Sweden 2012-01-27:

Raymond & Maria släpper nytt album och ny singel idag!

Nu släpper vi – Raymond & Maria – ett nytt album ”Jobs where they don’t know our names” (1). Det är det första av två 6-låtarsalbum som vi gjort med James Iha som producent. Låtarna är inspelade i hans studio Stratosphere Sound i New York och i studion Ocean Sound i Norge. Det andra 6-låtarsalbumet släpper vi i höst.

Det är också det första albumet där vi sjunger på engelska och det första albumet på vårt egna skivbolag – SPAK. Mycket ”första” alltså.

Samtidigt med albumet släpper vi singeln ”Remember me”.

Albumet kommer även i USA senare i vår. Det är redan släppt i Korea på LEAPLAY Records och i Japan på Fennely Records.

Raymond & Maria

"Take me out, take me away. That was all we had to say.
To anyone that passed our lives. The parking lots, the waiting wives"


Pressrelease Sweden 2011-11-15:

Raymond&Maria gör sin första engelskspråkiga skiva, producerad av James Iha. Första singeln ”The Fish Are Swimming Slower Every Year” släpps den 18e november.

Raymond&Maria är Maria, Camilla, Per, Staffan och Johan. Efter två väldigt svenskspråkiga album och mycket turnerande med låtar som ”Ingen vill veta var du köpt din tröja”, ”Nej”, ”Redan idag”, ”Storstadskvinnor faller ner och dör” (och en Grammis) släpper bandet äntligen sin första engelskspråkiga skiva. Det skulle skett tidigare. Efter sitt andra album fick bandet mycket uppmärksamhet från England. Producenten Youth – (från bandet Killing Joke) – ledde då ett nytt skivbolag som de skrev kontrakt med. Under ett år turnerade bandet i England samtidigt som de spelade in ett album på engelska. Två veckor innan releasen gick skivbolaget i konkurs. Då hände lyckligtvis något nytt. James Iha – Smashing Pumpkins gitarrist – hade hört en demo med gruppens nya låtar och frågade om han fick producera deras nästa skiva. Det fick han.
Resultatet blev 10 nya låtar. Hälften inspelade i James Ihas studio Stratosphere Sound i New York. Hälften i en studio på den lilla ön Giske i Norge dit James kom över. Det tog ett drygt år. Nu är skivan klar. Första singeln är precis släppt i USA och har tagits emot väl av landets college- och alternativa radiostationer. Bandet har också gjort sina första New York-spelningar.

”The Fish Are Swimming Slower Every Year” är den första singeln från det nya albumet och släpps nu samtidigt i Sverige och Norge. I början av 2012 släpps hela albumet, ”Jobs Where They Don’t Know Our Names” i både Norden och USA.

Albumet släpps även i Korea på LEAPLAY Records och i Japan på Fennely Records.


Video till ”The fish are swimming slower every year”: http://www.youtube.com/raymondandmaria

About us:

We have made a new album! "Jobs Where They Don't Know Our Names" is produced by James Iha – former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist – in two different studios. Stratosphere Sound in New York and Ocean Sound in Norway.

We are a slightly shy group of people from, Stockholm Sweden. Unfortunately a dark and cold place at times. We try to cheer ourselves up by making up straightforward melodic pop songs. At first our setting consisted only of acoustic guitars, drums and Marias and Camilla’s voices. We originally had a vision of some sort of campfire ABBA sound but with drums played like Clem Burke of Blondie. Then there have always been a lot of things we don't like (as well as things we like of course.) But the things you don't like tend to get in the way of the good stuff if you don't actively say no to them. So that was part of the mission. To encourage the world (as well as ourselves) to say no to all these useless things that people want you to do or buy or be.

We started out by spending a year in a basement trying to figure out our complicated borrowed recording-equipment. Then we made 30 copies of our first single "No one notices your brand new T-shirt" (in Swedish "Ingen vill veta var du köpt din tröja") and sent them to people we liked. Within two weeks it was number one in all the Swedish charts, we sold Platinum and won a Swedish Grammy and we were suddenly out on some kind of never ending Scandinavian tour. Surprising - and nice in many ways of course. But Sweden is big and cold (true - not a myth) - as is the rest of Scandinavia. We started to feel that a change of scenery wouldn't hurt.

This last year we've spent most of our time recording. James Iha - former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist - came across a demo with our new songs and offered to produce our new album. A great thing for us since he's one of our favorite guitar players (and a very nice guy it turned out). In December of last year, we recorded a couple of new songs in his studio Stratosphere in New York, and this spring he came over to our favorite Scandinavian studio - Ocean Sound on the island Giske, in Norway - to record more songs. Now – the album is finished and released in Korea and Japan. Recently we released a three song EP in the US and the songs are frequently spinning on the radio across the country. We've also played our first shows in New York.

(Written about Raymond.)
"....Raymond&Maria's songs and sound might be described as a mix between Simon&Garfunkel, The Smiths, early Dylan, ABBA and little bit of Blondie. A successful mix! They have topped the Swedish charts, sold platinum and won a Swedish Grammy. Their setting is basic and simple. Two girls singing, two acoustic guitars, bass and drums. But don't be fooled by their well-crafted melodies and beautiful harmony singing. They are actually quite angry. Their poetic but subversive lyrics definitely gets to you. They are - you could say - political on an individual level. And their underlying message is maybe best conjured in their anthemic hit "No". Don't accept the world as it is presented to you. Say no! You have the right to. And you should. For your own sake and for the sake of the world."